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How to auto-fill license keys with Lemon Squeezy and FramerAuth

Improve the user experience of purchases on your site by auto-filling the user's license key for them


Auto-filling the license key simplifies the user experience by automatically inserting the key into the sign-up form. This feature is particularly useful in a purchase flow where you want to minimize user effort and enhance the overall experience.

Navigate to Your Product in Lemon Squeezy

  • Log in to your Lemon Squeezy account.

  • Go to the dashboard and select the product you want to edit.

Expand 'Confirmation Modal' and 'Email Receipt' Sections

  • In the product settings, look for the 'Confirmation Modal' and 'Email Receipt' sections.

  • Expand these sections to view and edit their contents.

  • These sections control what the user sees after purchasing and in the email they receive.

Update the Button Link

  • In both the 'Confirmation Modal' and 'Email Receipt' sections, you will find options to edit the button or link that the user clicks on after purchase.

  • Modify the URL to include the auto-fill parameter for the license key.

  • Format the link as[license_key].

  • [license_key] is a placeholder that will be automatically replaced with the actual license key generated for each user.

Modify the Link for Different Activation Forms

  • If your license key activation / sign up form is located on a page other than /sign-up, adjust the URL accordingly.

  • For example, if the activation form is on '/activate', the URL would be[license_key].

By following these steps, you can successfully implement an auto-fill feature for the license key in your product, enhancing the user experience and streamlining the sign-up or activation process.