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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s FramerAuth all about?

FramerAuth is a tool that allows you to restrict access to your Framer pages. It enables you to require users to sign up via email or use a Lemon Squeezy license key to view exclusive content.

Can I also provide free content?

Definitely! You have the flexibility to set your pricing tiers with Lemon Squeezy or simply allow access to hidden content with just an email sign-up.

Do I have to use Lemon Squeezy?

Not at all! You can choose to set up membership access just with email sign-ups, allowing users to view your hidden content without a purchase.

How do Lemon Squeezy keys operate?

By enabling an option in your Lemon Squeezy listing settings, your customers will receive a license key with their receipt, allowing them access to your exclusive content.

Can I control which pages are for members only?

Absolutely! You manage locked pages and can easily lock or unlock pages to different members or tiers as per your preference.

Is technical knowledge required to use FramerAuth?

No, FramerAuth is user-friendly, designed for everyone—no coding required!

What product categories are not allowed?

There are a few product categories that are specifically not allowed to be sold on Lemon Squeezy. This means you will be unable to charge customers to access your content with FramerAuth if you sell them.

Can I offer free trials or discounts?

Yes! With Lemon Squeezy, you can customize your offering to include free tiers or trials if you wish.

How do I set up FramerAuth?

Setting up is straightforward! It requires copy and pasting some components into your Framer site and adding a code snippet to your site's settings. We offer walkthrough tutorials to assist you in getting everything up and running quickly.

How do users access content after getting a Lemon Squeezy key?

Users will enter their license key then create an account with an email and password. They’ll be automatically signed in on return visits, or they can enter their email and password to access content.

Can I add FramerAuth to an existing site?

Yes! Whether you have a new or existing Framer site, adding member functionality is easy.

Does FramerAuth support subscriptions?

Indeed! FramerAuth supports both one-time purchases and recurring subscriptions with daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly billing to choose from.

Need assistance while setting up?

We're here to support you! Reach out to us if you have any questions or require assistance.

How do users manage their subscriptions?

Lemon Squeezy handles product, subscription, and user management, allowing users to manage their subscriptions directly from their customer portal.