FramerAuth Updates

All new features, improvements and bug fixes

Jun 12, 2024

Component update:

Not required

Sync product variants

Sync your Lemon Squeezy product variants

We've fixed an issue that was preventing automatic product updates from syncing for some customers. If you've made updates to your Lemon Squeezy product and it hasn't synced, you can now manually re-sync with a new option we've added.

If needed, products can be synced on the Store page.

May 19, 2024

Component update:


Edit password validator text labels

Edit the labels of any text in the password validator

We've added the ability to edit the text labels for the requirements of a password in the password validator. This unlocks the ability to make further customizations to the sign up form or change password form.

This control is located under password validator > labels

Please update these components in Framer by clicking update in the assets tab.

May 15, 2024

Component update:

Not required

Introducing Blocks

A free collection of remix-able membership experiences created with FramerAuth

Blocks offers a vibrant library of premium sign-up/sign-in experiences, ready to be cloned in Framer at no cost! Elevate your membership experiences with one of the sleek, professional designs.

Explore for free in your dashboard or on our public page.

May 14, 2024

Component update:


Profile form and added controls to existing forms

Introducing the member profile form and various form updates

  1. Member profile form

This new form allows your members to make changes to their email, first name, and last name. Get this new component from the Setup page to add it to your website.

  1. Show/hide password for all password inputs

While entering a password in FramerAuth forms, by default, the password is hidden. Members can now un-hide the password by toggling the icon. If you'd like to enable or disable this feature go to Input > Icon (you may need to scroll down) in the controls of your form.

  1. Customize labels

You can now change the labels on all of the forms to anything you'd like, even different languages. For example, change "Last name" to "Surname."

Click "Inputs" in the form controls then select an input to make use of this feature.

  1. Add interactions to forms

This feature enables two new interactions, Success and Error. You can now trigger a modal/pop-over or change variant on Error/Success.

  • Create pop-over/modals: Select form > add overlay > show on (Error/Success)

  • Change to a variant: Turn form into component > create another variant > drag connector to second variant > on (Success/Error) change variant

  1. Remove asterix from labels

Previously by default all form labels included an asterix. This is now configurable and can be turned off. Go to Label > Asterix to make adjustments.

  1. Password validator controls

You now have full control over the design aspects of the password validator. Toggle password validator on to customize how it looks.

  1. Set button to start, center, end, or stretch

Previously, by default, all buttons were set to stretch. You now have more flexibility with how your button is displayed. Set button alignment to start, center, end, or stretch.

  1. Additional updates

  • Forms previously would go blank on successful submission - this has been fixed in this update.

  • Change the label for step 1 and 2 of the sign up form.

  • Adding a border to buttons is now supported.

  • Forms now include a redirect control which can be used to redirect on successful submission.

  • When setting a new password the form now includes a "confirm password" field.

May 7, 2024

Component update:

Not required

Ability to disable email invitation

Have more control of the branding, copy, and design of the invitation email

We've enabled the ability to disable the email invitation that is automatically sent by FramerAuth to new members.

Read guide

When inviting a member you will now see this option:

Deselecting send invitation when inviting a member means the invited member will not receive an email from us on your behalf, you will need to send one.

A personalized invitation page in Framer example:

Mar 27, 2024

Component update:


Bug fix for Activate License component

We've pushed a small bug fix which requires the activate license component to be updated.

Some users were experiencing a bug when activating license keys via the AuthActivateLicense component which would display a "license key invalid" or other errors.

This has now been fixed so if you are utilizing this component, you should update the component in the asset panel:

Once the update is complete please publish your website. No other changes or actions are required.

Mar 18, 2024

Component update:

Not required

Delete members

Introducing the ability to manually remove a member's access to your website.

We've added the ability to manually remove a member's account from your website. We understand that managing user accounts effectively is crucial for maintaining a healthy online community or ensuring compliance with your organization's policies. With this new feature, you have even greater control over your user base.

How It Works:

  1. Go to your Members page and click on the row of the member you'd like to remove.

  2. You will then see a modal with a "delete member" button.

  3. Click to remove the member

Disabling a license key:

If you're using the Lemon Squeezy integration, you may see a message that the member has an active license. Their license key needs to be disabled before they can be removed.

  1. Go to Licenses and click on the ... menu icon on the license you want to disable.

  2. Click on the Disable key option and confirm.

Feb 14, 2024

Component update:

Not required

New Overrides for Active Licenses

New overrides to enable flexibility for displaying content to users with no license or an expired one


Introducing three new overrides to better improve the flexibility of how you display content on your website to customers of your Lemon Squeezy product. They allow you to conditionally display content on your website to members with an active license.

The newly added overrides are withActiveLicense, withNoActiveLicense, and withVariantActiveLicense


Display this frame/component only to members who have an active Lemon Squeezy license - perfect for locking content.


Display this frame/component only to members who DO NOT have an active Lemon Squeezy license. For example, "Upgrade now!"


Similar to "withVariant" this override displays the locked variant of a component only to members who DO NOT have an active Lemon Squeezy license and the unlocked version to members who have an active license

Feb 13, 2024

Component update:


New member features

Various updates to how members are managed including the ability for expired members to re-activate, free members to upgrade, small bug fixes, and more.


  • Sign-up without a license key and upgrade later

  • Member upgrade/renewal

  • Updated sign-in component

  • Support for license keys issued before activating FramerAuth

  • Data migration for multi-product support

  • Fix custom cursor bug

⚠️ Action May Be Required:

To facilitate seamless upgrades from free to paid accounts, we have implemented a minor change that may require your action. For members who currently have access to your website, access adjustments have been made. These members will now be able to access only the pages that do not have a Lemon Squeezy (LMS) product assigned, contrasting the previous setting where they had access to any locked page on your site.

Action to take:

  • For users who setup with Lemon Squeezy: If any member who has an account to your website should be able to access locked pages, please navigate to Pages in the dashboard and remove the product displayed for the pages you’d like all logged in members to be able to access.

If you've set up locked pages previously without assigning a LMS product, you'll notice an "Any Variant" label under the product name on your Members page. Manually invited users and free users will not have access to pages that display an LMS product in the “Product” column. By removing the product from the product column and simply making the page “Locked” this will ensure that anyone with an account can access that page. 

New Updates:

Sign-up without license keys and upgrade later

Previously, your store could be activated with LMS and a purchase was required to sign up on your website or you could setup without LMS and visitors could sign up without completing a purchase.

We've now introduced a hybrid modal that enables visitors of your website to sign up for an account and consider upgrading to a paid account at their convenience, enhancing flexibility and user engagement.

To enable this, you will need two things:

  1. Go to Settings and uncheck "Signup requires License Keys" (if you do not see this option then you signed up after the update and it's auto-enabled)

  2. Add our new Activate License Key component from the setup page to a new page on your website /activate

Member Account Renewal / Upgrade

A new component lets your users activate license keys whilst logged in. This feature pairs perfectly with the previous one, allowing free users to upgrade to a paid plan. It also lets users with an expired license activate a new license.

Updated Sign-in Component

To improve the checkout flow for users looking to leverage the above features, we have upgraded the Sign In component to support the Lemon Squeezy URL parameters and handle logged-in/out users. /sign-in?license_key=[license_key]

Support for previously issued license keys

With more users migrating their existing sites to FramerAuth, we have added support for keys that were created/ issued before setting up FramerAuth and LMS.

If you previously did not have license keys enabled, you can reach out to LMS support to have license keys issued for existing customers. Contact LMS

Data Migration for Multi-Product Support

Under the hood, we have performed a data migration, which unlocks support for selling multiple products, not just product variants. We are still finalizing the UI, but the groundwork has been completed.

Keep an eye out for this update coming soon which enables you to support multiple products through FramerAuth. For example, if you have three eBooks, you can begin selling licenses to them individually.

Bug Fix Framer Custom Cursor

We have fixed a compatibility issue with Framer's new custom cursors feature.

Jan 30, 2024

Component update:

Not required

Manually add members

Add your existing users manually through the dashboard members page

Manually Add Members

A new option on the members page means you can now manually invite users to access your website and create an account. Invited members will receive an email from FramerAuth that will direct them to your /update-password page where they can set a password then sign in.

Refactor sync pages

Pages will now sync to current sitemap of your URL. If you have re-named a page or removed one FramerAuth now handles these cases better.

Jan 27, 2024

Component update:

Not required

New pages - Store and Settings

New pages to improve management of store and website settings

Settings Page

The new Settings page now makes it possible to change the URLs of your test and live website.

Store Page

The new Store page makes it simple to add a Lemon Squeezy store to your FramerAuth account if you opted out of setting it up during onboarding. You can also use this page to see which products are tied to your test and live domains.